Pretty little things pretty little things

I usually like things a little bit funky, cheeky, edgy, however you wish to call it. But sometimes I just want it pretty. Soft and feminine, muted colours, no hard lines or edges, just girly. These are my pretty little things..

  •  Sadly/happily I can now fit into a triangle bra and how I love thee lace bralet.
  • I upgraded my phone and that means a new case. Pretty colour and marble, please.
  • My mon biscuit broche is the perfect paring for my cookie love;
  • Macaroons, especially from Pinkie Patisserie. In all lovely soft flavours like lychee and lavender.
  • The florist asked me recently..all those flowers, are they really just for you? Yep, my favourite pretty will always be fresh flowers. pretty little things

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