A quickie schedule because the week's is just that..shorter.

Life is short, time is precious and I really felt that this week..that I want my days not to be packed from six am to ten pm but to be able to relax, even just for a moment, when that urge hits. A bit of mindless telly watching, a coffee, a piece of chocolate, a cuddle and not first let me finish this, that and the other.

That doesn't mean I'm on holiday, it just means siesta is a good way of life. Staying with living the good life;

  • A mix of wishes, inspirations and shopping in one.
  • We all scream for ice cream, selfie style.
  • The first anniversary calls for new socks.
Have you a clue what the posts are about? Smile, it's still weekend. Have a great one!

The picture is of a wood mirror display I spotted over at Coming B. Alas they no longer do direct consumer orders but no worries, this baby will be making it home! The shapes, colours, built-in storage, everything about this display is perfection.

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