The wedged archives

The road to my closet is paved with so!
Acne recently had a two day mega sale; the Acne archives, and believe you me, I have to dig deep for resolve. All the way to the bedrock. Even more so when I saw not one but two Tillie shoes in the sale. But wait for it.. I went the sensible route with a pair of wedgded loafers. I love heels and those will always get my juices flowing but heck I have so many and the streets in the Netherlands are not paved but bricked.

But above and beyond the sensible I saw the Philippa black wedged loafers and flipped over the contrasting white edging, the pointy toe and the patent but especially the flipped fringing. I mean, get outta here, to cool for school despite being a loafer. Shoe love meets sensibility and I love it!

P.S. I also got the Vela dance top in navy which is the perfect simple top!

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