The green edition green interior products

My love of beautiful, thoughtful designs knows no bounds but I get even more excited when it has a green friendly aspect. Here are my top picks for home;

The super-soft quality merino and alpaca wool snowstorm blanket from Flink is currently sold-out, so I'm biding my time for now. Another beautiful textile creation made of natural materials with a Scandi look are the Fuss cushions and on sale here.  You gotta brush, so why not do it not only in bamboo, with fun colours but also with a donation. We each have our own colour Humblebrush at home. So obsessed with this watering can from Ikea, that I check the app everyday! These lamps made out of wood with rot, are the perfect example of imperfect perfection. My eyes bugged straight out of my head when I first saw the Lou lounge chair from Famos. All their designs are wonderfully ecological, functional and beautiful but this stunner in ash, merino and cotton take the cake. The contrasting zippered pouch in the back, do you feel my excitement. Where's my piggy bank?

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