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I love, love my garden. I went for no-maintenance and ending up adding green happy. Loads of lush plants (and back-breaking work) later and I love my little water pit but yet something is missing..
So I decided to take a closer look at the pics that inspire me.

The first photo is actually an indoor space at restaurant Ana La Santa in Madrid that I spotted awhile back at Est magazine. For me the take-away is how secluded the table is with all the planting, including some pretty tall ones. I'm thinking that's exactly what my table needs. And a total 'duh'' moment but set the table. Maybe not quite so pretty, being outdoors but a little goes a long way..

The second is the Ilse Crawford for Ikea collection, whose bench will be mine when the collection comes out in August. But for the most important thing is the insane amount of cushions. Hey, I'm a girl! Loads of cushions, in subdued ton sur ton tones please. Plus, why not group the smaller plants on the table together in similar pots for a stronger look?

Another Ikea product but I still very much love the Vindalso serving cart. I just never saw a use for it because there is no carting space in my petite garden. But I now thing it's the perfect spot for the little bits of green that currently have no permanent spot. Thank you April and May. And what's handier than having my most used smalls tools out? Probably not the shears but I'm now on the hunt for cool potting kit.

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