Can I move in?

There is an insane amount of beautiful homes out there to inspire you and boy do I feel inspired when I see a great home. And then I come back down to earth and realise how much I love my own space and how hard it would be live in a space where beautiful outguns comfort and ease. 
So when I find a home that feel automatically livable, I not only get inspired, I also get excited. This home when straight to my favourites as just such a home. I think it is bang on with the airiness and lightness of  feel. Minimal and modern but not stern. And plants, often sadly lacking from modern spaces! Green makes me happy, large corner sofas make me happy. Messy beds with lots of fluffy pillows makes me happy. This homes makes me happy. 

Home and photos from Studio Oink, whose work I think is amazing! Go check them out for more amazing pictures of this home as well as other projects and products.

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