Corner fixes...wall storage

I have pretty much photographed my entire house. It’s almost 100% good to go but therein lies the dreaded word..almost. Each room has a spot that is not quite finished. These spots take longest because they are basically low and I mean low, low, low on the priority list. So low down they often get forgotten. To ensure that doesn’t happen I decided to try and tackle just such a spot every month. 
Starting with a corner of my living room which was always destined to provide extra storage. Storage I am desperately in need of from kitchen to living. And while several ideas have crossed my mind including an antique ladder turned shelf,  the standing Hay Woody shelf and the beautiful shelving from SoudaI settled on my first idea; the Botkyrka shelves from Ikea. Because they are stunning, relatively inexpensive and floating. Leaving me funds for fun, new things to fill them with, floor space for greenery, optical space and the ability to keep pretty things in my space; a rambunctious and slightly uncoordinated twosome does not compute with breakable.. first-hand experience.

On the shelves are the books that didn’t fit into the leaning ply bookcases and styled with things I already owned including my beloved wooden navels and the addition of these super cute little porcelain cacti from Madam Stoltz that I have been eyeing for months.

P.S. Did this without a level..and the slight offness totally offends my neurotic tic about being Mary Poppins (practically perfect) and so I will be fixing that next weekend as well as shifting cupboards around to better utilise the freed-up space.

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