Classics... reinvented

Just like my interior, I like my fashion classics..with a twist. Basics are great and versatile and time-saving but I’m a bit odd, a tad wacky and oodles cheeky and I’m totally OK with that. I remember in high-school choosing a pair of metallic blue Skechers over that year's Nike trainers, which of course everyone else was wearing. Now luckily I can really appreciate having my own taste and style. Life is just too short to be boring. 

I love, love, love a hint of the unexpected that you might not even spot. But if you look closely you will probably find at least one quirky little detail, like the meringue ring and miniature flower bouquet necklace I sported earlier in the week with a black shift dress at the office. In tribute to the slightly unexpected, twists on a classic, is this little gathering of the classic shirt... reinvented.

This white button-down from Cos looks the part from the front but turn around and it’s less formal and a lot more fun. Not exactly meant for the more formal of offices, but that’s why I love it. Throw a white top underneath to keep the puffed effect but lose the skin or a coloured one for a bit more fun. For me though, it’s a skin thing. All business, but just on the surface..

This cropped version is great because cropped means I can show-off some of the great detailing on the bottom half and it's so good for balancing out wider pieces on the bottom! Perfect for culottes or a great neoprene midi skirt I have from Ann-Sofie Back whose perfect little Velcro strap will now definitely not be obscured from view.

And while browsing I spotted this funky tuxedo cropped version from The Laden Showroom. The crop and chest flap pockets are decidedly old-school meet new and I love it! 

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