Corner fix..3, 2, 1 Lift off

I said it before and I'll say it again. Kids spaces are the most fun to do! So next on the update list a kid’s space, of course. Mika’s to be exact. This is his room before the update. Loved it before but the yellow cushion in the corner was always a placeholder for some extra fun. And this is his room after the fun update.
Instead of a workbench he got a rocket! The advantage of taking your time is learning the space and that goes for kids and adults. This corner they use for hide and seek so now they have a more imaginative spot to do so. A super cool shelf for some little boy treasures including the chalk stash. A hangbag (obsessed with these) for his books because when not in hide and seek mode the yellow cushion is our book reading spot. Now he can reach and pick the one he wants with ease and they no longer get knocked off the dresser during a changing. Just a few additions for a whole lot of smiles, giggles and happy from 'mijn schatjes'.

 One down, two more to go. Stay tuned for the ‘indoor gym’ and ‘mini art gallery’.

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