A bookworm remains a bookworm, even when they grow up. I remember learning to read and the excitement I felt when this world of new and exciting adventures opened up right before my eyes. I feel that way still, even with my ongoing love affair with Internet. Yes, my smartphone never leaves my side and has her own spot on my pillow for middle of the night surf attacks. And yes, she has a name. And yes I am  a bit of a nerd and loving it. But back to books.
 I recently purged my book collection and so now there’s the desire to start again. And while I have long since moved on from the Babysitters club books of my tween years, remain a huge Alex Cross/James Patterson fan, plan on finishing up Anna Karenina and moving on to ‘In search of time’ when I can find the time for that bad boy, a large part of that space is reserved for.. design books. What else? On that list are these:

Ok - Omin Käsin is a decoration book from a pair of Finnish bloggers that seems chock full of beautiful DIY projects and ditto styling. A good case for Google translate?

Belgium Family Style continues the books in languages I can't read theme, really Japanese reading skills can't be faked by the English-speaking. But hey, style has boundaries and plus this is more for the inspiration and believe me Belgium style inspires me. Effortless cool I think every time I go to Antwerp.

Design objecten / 2, finally one I can read, being Dutch, Dutch baby. This book brings design home by utilising things you can get a home supply store and simple techniques. Perfect because will I will wield a tool, I can't say that there lies my best skill set.

Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben brings me right back to languages I can't read. While German is standard in Dutch schools, I went to a Dutch school in the Caribbean so German was axed for Spanish (not that goes much better as my Spanish faded faster than a cut flower). But I still think this book is amazing, being aptly titled interior living ideas from real life with input coming from bloggers. A book after my own heart.

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