Hidden jewels

The annoying part of moving is the packing and unpacking of box after box after box. But there is an upside. The good thing about moving is finding lost or hidden treasures. And such a find is this gorgeous pair of green YSL satin heels. 

I had to have them, bought them a half size too small, ended up a perfect fit in the sole but not in the clasp and so I popped a button on the first go. Frustrated I threw them to the back of the closet, unworn and unloved. Ok maybe more like neatly placed in a box in the back, but you get my drift. 

While moving I found them, fell back in love and took them to be repaired. They are so perfect that even the shoemaker was hesitant to touch them but he did and now I can wear these jewels, clasped and all. But only after I find my proverbial prince and ball because these are so beautiful I consider them my Cinderella shoes. I think I’ll keep them in a glass case till then..

P.S. Expect to see another shoe post soon..because more than a bagaholic I am a confessed, die hard shoe-fiend!

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