Corner fixes...the master

Busted, as this is the second corner fix in the same month but I’m the first to admit that I suck at pacing myself. To my defence, this cost me very little (time and money wise) to accomplish.
I am still gunning for making this an arty corner as outlined here but till then I’m content with this mini update. While my kicks are still by far my most comfortable pair of shoes and the only ones with value above and beyond being just pretty, I felt this spot could do so much more than just be a spot to rest my trainers between work-outs. 
Looking around I realised this is my room and I love having my things out where I can see and therefore use them. There is no mistaking this is a woman’s space with shoes and clutches out on display and so I figured why not take it a step further..

Out came my lovely white Wang which sad to say looks like a shapeless lump in the cloth cover, so that had to go. And now resting in full view on a HAY J77 chair that was otherwise just collecting dust in storage while waiting for Mika’s to transition from a highchair. Just these two things together totally make that spot sing. But to make it all singing and dining I added a print. While searching for the Mini & Maximus print that turned out to be sold-out I found this similar and cheaper one from The Birth of Cool Prints. That and a standard frame from Ikea cost me 20 euro’s. The collage of smaller images is an ad that came with the cacti I ordered for my new bookshelves.
 Last but not least a bit more greenery to compliment the orchids already in the room. The plant came from the local flower shop and housed in a washable paper bag that I also found in my stash. A steal as plant pots typically outprice the plants they house. All in all this corner got a nice budget-friendly revamp. And pieces that were otherwise just taking up storage space now have a use. One small step for this corner, one giant leap for my master.

P.S. expect to see more snippets of my room as I tweak and twerk..the room not myself.

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