Moto head

As an inner speed-demon all I can say is that this light appeals to me. Daft punk meets Speeds meets Design. Honestly, if I had my way my home would be a museum of wacky, fun design pieces.
But even better than having the Moto wall lamp in my space, would be having it in my son’s space. I want this for Mika’s room because we are total 'peas in pod'. We spend a lot of time on the floor racing and crashing his cars together. What can I say? My Mika totally lives up to his name (famous race car driver) and my not so secret wish for speed, speed and more speed.
You’re never too young to love speed and never too young to love cool accessories. 1, 2, 3, Go!

P.S. Mika ‘s corner coming up. Featuring some fast moving vehicles and cool accessories of course.

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