Printed love @ kids

I’m a sucker for prints. I’m a sucker for fun & quirky. I’m a sucker for cool kids spaces. Combine these together and what do you get? Some pretty awesome prints that are fun enough for kids and cool enough for adults. I say hip, fun & funky, baby!

You can check out a few in my kid's room & space. And there will be a post containing some new ones soon. Can you guess which? And where? And how they might be placed? Clue..think mixed, collage and gallery.

Superwoman and Superhero prints from MiniWilla

'Rain and cloud' print from Oelwein

'Bear of few words' and 'Bright hearts' prints from Seventy Tree

'You are my love' and 'You are my bunny' prints from Hektik

'50 Reasons to be happy' print from The Love Shop

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