Mon mode d'hiver

I mentioned working on a fall/winter wardrobe. No so much because of the weather change because I still wear mini’s and pumps on snow days and throwing a blazer over a strappy top means I’m good to go. The reason is mostly fit. I know me and too large just doesn’t work for me, except in coats. So now that there is more room in my clothes, the more lumpy I look and that is not the look I’m going for! So everything that does not fit or that for some other reason is not flattering, will be moving to the B-section. I hate the sorting. Too soon after moving. But that makes the replenishing all the more sweet. Key words; streamlined, tailored and fitted. Bringing sexy back!
Here is the start of my fall wardrobe. Not exactly the typical fluffy sweaters and thick coats of winter but there is time and I already have some favourites on that front to show you soon. This is the start of the wardrobe that makes me happy and fits me to a T, body and personality wise.

  1. Starting with the pieces from the H&M Studio Fall/Winter 2014 collection; the sweater with zips. I love zips and since there are so many it was enough for me to get over my dislike of high necks. Switch it up, zip it up.
  2. A dress of course, because I’m a dress girl. A simple LBD from the front but a dipped low-back because back decolletage is where it’s at! For me with a little leather cord because I need a defined waist and that’s what fashion is, making it yours.
  3. Impractical but my absolute favourite piece from H&M Studio; a cropped mesh top. Though calling it a top is a push. This, I think, is my symbol piece because it’s takes body confidence and good abs to wear this puppy.
  4. In a hunt for a replacement for a skirt that I eventually did get clean (after about 15 attempts with every home remedy and skinny cleaning product) I found this soft leather black midi –length pencil skirt at Asos. This with that crop top, with and without a blazer is killer good!
  5. Similarly the PU leather pencil skirt that almost ended in the garbage after a transfer stain has now moved from summer to winter. I still think the pale blue looks great on somber days and paired with the grey sweater is a perfect mix of fun and sexy. Pencil skirts in leather (look) are for me as much as a staple as blue jeans are to some. I am eyeing this one from the H&M premium collection.
  6.  My most budget piece at 5.99 euros is the bright yellow lace skirt from Zara. Fits beautifully and adds a pop of bright in a colour I once despised but now realise suits me.
  7. The yellow skirt looks so good paired with the zipped blouse from Ann-Sofie Back. An eye-catching clutch and a pair of black pumps and evening here we come.
  8. Another piece from Ann-Sofie Back is the white velcro and neoprene skirt because I love winter whites. I’m thinking simple white tee, my white Alexander Wang tote and some minimal kicks. 
  9. Or for a bit more oomph this long sleeved scuba top with the white velcro skirt.
  10. Rachel Zoe cut-out booties finish off the winter white look with a stunning contrast in patent black leather.
  11. And mixing in a bit of the old, meaning bought and never worn, is a backless blue skater (forgotten in the pics) dress from &Other Stories. With a moder Chanel style jacket from Iro, boots and my ginormous floppy felt hat, it’s me on an Autumn day.
  12. And these, these are the boots. Also from the bought and never worn category. Knee high, black, soft as a baby’s butt calf leather, Miu Miu stiletto boots. I say diva on a mission coming through.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the start of my winter closet. I just love skirts, dresses and of course heels! And maybe, just maybe I might post a few pics on my Instagram because selfies I can only do in miniature.

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