Raise the roof

I have been a fan of studio ROOF since they were KidsonRoof. I fell in love with the Casa Cabana and am seriously considering getting the deco version as a replacement playhouse in Zoe Isobel’s room. The rocket may or may not be taking up a large chunk of hall space while waiting to be moved to Mika’s  room. Because if one playhouse is good, then a playhouse and a rocket is kid’s play heaven. My kids desk is also from KidsonRoof and is simple and fun without being too childlike.
studio ROOF is not only a name change but also expanded into adult living about a year ago. A great move as I love the adult furniture as much as the kids. I was so lusting after their large beech table for my dining area but alas I needed the most budget of options to be able to furnish an entire second home in one go. But if you’re not completely cash-strapped this is still quite a budget-friendly table and made of solid beech. Basic, modern shape with a geometric twist with fluorescent lines. 
But if I could have one think from the collection it would have to  be the sofa! The arms are wide enough to use as side tables. The shape and material once again are simple and basic enough to be both striking yet non-imposing enough to accompany and not dominate your space. But the think that drives me crazy happy are the cushions. Love that they are different sizes and colours and even materials if you want. This sofa makes me happy. This brand makes me happy. Raise the roof for studio ROOF.

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