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Well, I said no more bags except maybe a Rockie. Every rule has an exception and a loophole. The Rockie is still my ‘get out of jail card’ but here comes the loophole. A sports bag! Bit by bit workout gear has crept into my closet. I now have a nice pile of work-out clothes for different occasions and seasons. Then there is the cupboard where I keep my tracker, watch, smartphone holder, resistance bands and yoga mat. What I have been missing though is something to lug all that stuff around in. I have been using one of those cloth protective sacks that come with what else..a bag purchase. However not much fits in, it does not close as knots don’t count, it has a spreading tear along the seam, there are no interior pockets (squished energy bar stuck on the bottom anyone?) and is just not built for outdoor use. 

When I saw this gym bag on the H&M site made of a neoprene like material I was immediately sold. I flipping love neoprene. The fact that is has all of the above functions and can be made smaller, flipping checks my boxes and then some. That it’s pink on the inside is an added bonus because I’m a girlie girl and want to look pretty and it’s called pretty in pink for a reason.
 And because a bag is nothing without stuff to fill it with, here’s what my bag holds;
  • I always carry a wind-capable work-out vest with me after having frozen my grapes into raisins..twice (stubborn much..)
  • Hello, my tunes go with me everywhere. The only thing I want to hear on a run is my playlist of beats pounding against my eardrums.
  • A watch that I use for the timer and stopwatch and on which I have yet to set the actual time because the work-out lasts till it’s done.
  • A tracker because an obsessive like me needs to know how well I am competing against myself.
  • Either my Kor water bottle or the mini bottles that fit into a running belt because I pant like a dog. I’m talking tongue lagging out of side of mouth ugly breathing. The breathing equivalent of the ugly cry..
  • Last but not least fructose tablets because breakfast is not my friend and a shot of espresso is sometimes just not enough.
Not pictured but still in there.. a towel and a bottle of liquid chalk from pole dancing class. A great work-out and body confidence builder but six work-outs and four different activities a week is a bridge too far. But better to be prepared. So that´s my bag!

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